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Globemotion: The effective way to steer topics in regards to international assignments.

In the business context mobility means an expanded scope of action of a globally operating company to use its resources optimally and quickly, especially where expert knowledge and experience are barely sufficient or talents can be encouraged respectively further developed.

mobilityleaderAccording to a study of PwC in the year 2020, the number of so-called “expatriates” will increase by 50% worldwide. The background to this is the further globalization with a particular focus on growth (emerging) markets. New outlets can be effectively obtained, which increase the growth and competitiveness; new and cheaper ways of production can increase productivity. Employees (especially the Generation Y) can technically but also personally develop abroad, which can lead to higher employee satisfaction, new-developed competences and loyalty which enables effective retention.

For small and medium businesses, according to a study, professional secondment management was not very common. But especially SMEs operate today in a national & international competitive environment in which especially new departments or very specialized sectors but also the traditional industries are changing into international companies. For this purpose, it is essential to make the financial conditions for the transferees including family members economically viable, to be aware of the fiscal, develop and sickness and social security implications and to reduce the immigration legal compliance risks (high fines, license revocation).

We provide following content:

  • Analysis of the current situation in your company by means of self-created analysis tools
  •      – Degree of linkage to business strategies / overall policies & programs check
         – Stakeholder satisfaction
         – Problem areas / skills and competencies pool
         – Purchasing Strategy / Vendor Management
         – Team Situation / Workforce Planning/ Organizational design

  • Solutions
  •      – Concept development
         – “SWOT” analysis for proposals

  • Implementation support
  •      – Change Management
         – Key success factors tracking

These consulting services are supported by means of the internet forum “Mobility Leader”, if necessary also by the HR Competence Team of the entrepreneurs association “conlab” and also by the consulting network “Passion For People”. Professional networks generate here the maximum competence mix that is beneficial to you.

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