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Am I creative?

Posted by On Dec 08, 2014 In Informationen, Mediation

Good question! – next question! Is creativity not often less focused? Is it not the inventions, innovations and “soft factors” that often generate more true success and sustainable value?

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What it really comes down to?

Posted by On Dec 02, 2014 In Consulting, Human Resources, Mediation

There is a song by the popular German musician Udo Juergens, which reads the title “What is important,” and the chorus describes things that are “really important”.

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An exciting journey into self-discovery!

Posted by On Nov 02, 2012 In Mediation, Pesönliches

There are plenty of diagnostic tools and techniques that help a to learn more about yourself. But what does it mean?

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Coaching – not Couching!

Posted by On Oct 05, 2012 In Consulting, Mediation

The word “coaching” is very often spoken these days. Wherever you look or what magazines you a read, the term “coaching” is widely used in many contexts: sports coaching, nutritional coaching, job coaching, etc ..

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