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Consultando – the fast, modern and effective consultancy via new media for general HR issues. Consultancy and projects – packed in new media and to order.

You want your HR strategy, HR organization, HR processes, HR examine concepts, develop, optimize, expand? We advise you to find the right solutions for your HR management and implement them in close cooperation with you. We inject our experience from numerous projects in various industries and companies as a best practices offer. We also use the best possible way new media, including virtual conference rooms helps users look. In our consulting projects, we take a systematic, flexible and targeted consultation process approach. True experts from the network “conlab ‘ can be utilized as well.


1. Needs Analysis

We conduct questionnaires and specially developed tools by state analysis, define potential development needs, objectives, benefits and strategies for the planned project – for individual subjects or the transformation of the entire HR area. In this phase, the basis for subsequent evaluation of the project will be developed (customer surveys, process and efficiency ratios).

2. Solution concept

Based on the results of the needs assessment obtained during this phase individual solutions and their implementation are used to ensure the desired results. Here, the approaches are harmonized within your goals.

3. Implementation

We assist you with the implementation from a to z. Here we ensure continuous improvement and learning processes in your and our organization. With the implementation part there are people affected with a a noticeable change. To accompany and support we offer individual training, coaching, and information and communication activities.

4. Measuring success

An evaluation of the project not only after the introductory period completes our range of services. We want to share the success with you and learn together. For this purpose, we will develop relevant metrics (KPIs) and measures. These consulting services may be carried out by means of the support of the HR specialist team of the entrepreneurs network “conlab” and also by the consulting network “Passion For People”. Professional networks generate here the maximum competence mix that is truely beneficial for you.

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