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An exciting journey into self-discovery!

Posted by On Nov 02, 2012 In Mediation, Pesönliches

There are plenty of diagnostic tools and techniques that help a to learn more about yourself. But what does it mean?

The “classic Brigitte (Women Magazine) tests” are not sufficient to assess yourself well? “If you want to change the world, start ‘just with yourself ” an intelligent man has once noted. If you follow this advice, it helps a lot to learn about yourself, as to expect changes first or only from your environment.

Self-knowledge helps to clarify ones preferences and often explains why one does it so, and not the other way. The Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung was so effective in his research by dividing human behavior in PERCEIVING and DECIDE phases and thus reduced behaviors in a very understandable way. He worked on “preferences” here, such as “feeling” and “thinking”. The world famous and million-fold method of Myers Briggs type indicator (MBTI) is based on the knowledge of Jung and was further developed by non-psychologists. Thus, one can say “it has gained a good shot of pragmatism”.

Personally, I like the MBTI practicality and validity much. I understand my preferences better and it can also assess the preferences of others easier. I’ll give this one a pragmatic example from my personal life: When we travel, I always pack my suitcase at the last minute. My wife’s packing starts very early. Such behavior can sum up to a conflict situation, if you do not know or understand better the behavior of yourself and others. Because I understand my behavior (better “preference”) now clearer, I can personally handle very well with the situation.

Thus, for me no stress occurs anymore and I can also adjust better to my wife. Since all personality traits are viewed positively, you get as a subscriber a very constructive assessment of the self-assessment. Everything is based on your entries or answers to the questions (90 questions, which are relatively easy to answer). Take the journey in discovering more about you!

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