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“Small is beautiful” we want to work in a team and feel the interaction of true independence and constructive dependence.

The team spirit is high demand today because you are plagued easier in a team; but the community does not last long if you are not in the same boat. © Oskar Stock (born 1946), German writer and aphorisms

We are using selected partners, who are real experts in their fields, which we do not cover and do not want to cover. We say or write it very open when we feel we are not adequately competent. We would then also be transparent, as we provide the expertise for you. Because it’s all about you, your concerns and what we can support!

We also believe that every individual in the team is on average more productive.

The so-called core team consists initially of me along with my various skills and decades of experience and a very talented student, who elaborates with a large portion of power and new perspectives to the tasks. Working with young people has given me much joy and amazing developments along. Furthermore, different generation features can be better understood, which may play an important role, especially in the recruitment, motivation and talent management.

If you are interested in our team or cooperation to join, you simply contact us at me.