• You are in the lime light. Your request is our request.

  • Globemotion: The effective way to steer topics in regards to international assignments.

  • Espresso-Coaching: A systemic Coaching, which comes quickly and strong to the core of things.

  • Here you can see an overview of our basic consulting products.

  • Creative Workshop: A structured event to demonstrate how much creativity you got.

  • (Re) structure your personnel: The base, the optimization of the existing and expected value to your business.

  • Consultando – the fast, modern and effective consultancy via new media for general HR issues.

Welcome to cliff.rehr.consulting!

Founded in 2014, with the aim to generate effective and sustainable results for clients in the area of HR-consulting, which opens up a true business value for companies, employees and other stakeholders. The focus is on measurable success from your customer’s perspective. Because of the link between consulting and coaching, we get to the bottom of your concerns – with years of experience, distance and creativity straight to the point. Therefore existing behaviors are questioned from different perspectives to proof the tangible benefits for your business again and again.

We would like to encourage, promote and realize new thinking by means with new and proven ways. Based on my permanent employment at Steinway & Sons, Hamburg, I am only offering coaching to a limited extend. We are looking forward to any contact and request and respond no later than within one working day – promised!

With warm regards

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